Weavin' Place was created as a result of my life long fascination with textiles and their creation. This fascination ignited a flame which continued to burn over the years, although reduced at times to a flicker, when family and work obligations dominated my days. Space constraints, events associated with everyday life, and a bout with cancer,directed my attention elsewhere. I managed to fan the flame with books, magazines, and articles devoted to weaving, color, design, pattern, and structure. The flame endured!!

Now, the kids have families of their own. I have space (albeit, not enough) and have devoted time to learn to weave and refine my craft. The genesis of my "New Age" has begun!

From my home studio in Folsom, Louisiana, I spend time experimenting with color and pattern to develop items of wearable art as well as textiles for home use. The finest fibers available are utilized in the creation of each article to ensure long life and durability.

Current design offerings are showcased within the Wearable Arts and Home Textiles galleries.

For the homeweaver- "Reddi"- to weave kits are available. Kits include clearly written instructions and sufficient materials to complete the project. A little extra (lagniappe) material is included to allow for some modifications if you want to experiment a little.

Reddi inspects every aspect of the studio- look for his stamp of approval. It's your guarantee of satisfaction.

My small studio holds several looms which are always warped with one project or another. Each item is crafted entirely by me from warp to finishing. I take pride in my work and extend great care so you can be sure that items bearing the Weavin' Place tag are the best they can be.

To a great extent weaving and spinning are solitary endeavors. Happily, however, my experience demonstrates that weavers and spinners are warm, caring, expressive folks with strong stewardship responsibilities for these ancient crafts and freely share information and mentor others. I have been the fortunate recipient of invaluable encouragement coupled with practical advice from Karen Parker from Stones Throw, custom weavers in Woodstock, New York and Jane Overman from Jane's Fiber and Beads in Greeneville, Tennessee. I am grateful to each of them.

Additionally, several years ago I joined the New Orleans Weavers & Spinners Guild. A wonderful group of supportive women took me under their wing and encouraged my weaving endeavors, guiding my entrance into the world of spinning. While admittedly, weaving is my first love, I enjoy the meditative relaxation associated with spinning and the camaraderie which has developed with this special group of fiber friends. I genuinely look forward to the monthly "spin-in" at Yvonne's house with the Merry Spinners, who have embraced me warmly, and gently guided me through each new spinning experience.

It is with sincere gratitude that I thank each of these fiber friends, for I know that in great measure my growth and fulfillment as a fiber artist is due to them.



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